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    “George Bush” perform the pilgrimage?

    “The 87-year-old American professor John Sposer is not embarrassed to repeat his calls by some of George W. Bush, or to ask whether you are from the Bush family.

    John Sposer, a professor of sociology at the University of Montana in the United States, explained the poetry of Mona, where he makes his first argument: “I became accustomed to such. I understand the admiration of the people. In America, and within my family as well, I have heard that funny comment, So what are the other people, especially outside America? ”

    John, a native of Oregon, smiles: “Here I am, I am 87 years old, and I find the same phrases repeated, but this time here in Mecca, on my first pilgrimage, especially as I find it happening spontaneously from a number of pilgrims, especially Non-Americans are approaching me, and spontaneously I hear words like: Are you George HW Bush? ”

    John explains the story of his Islam and explains that he was lucky to get to know the Malaysian lady Sharifa Saharbi, who later became his wife.I found every good deal, when I was in a workshop in America, as well as in Malaysia, I was impressed by her ethics and Islamic teachings in dealing and married her.

    John emphasizes his specialization in sociology, his keenness to identify all societies, including the Islamic community, as well as hearing a lot about Saudi society, and Saudi Arabia in general and explains: «I know the extent of the important and strategic relationship between Saudi Arabia and America even on the social level, material interests both in terms of exporting Importing energy or science between the two parties will affect the building of the two communities. We know many Saudis who have risen their homeland through the exchange of scientific culture of America, and there are a good number of Americans who worked in Saudi Arabia, especially in the field of energy.

    Source: Middle East

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