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    Iraq presses Jordan to hand over Saddam Hussein’s daughter

    The Iraqi parliament is pressuring Jordan to hand over Saddam Hussein’s daughter, according to a report published in the Saudi newspaper Okaz on Wednesday.

    Iraqi sources told the paper that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi faces a crisis as political blocs in parliament are pressing him to push Jordan to return several Iraqi opposition figures including Raghad, the daughter of the former Iraqi president.

    The Iraqi government has accused Hussein’s fifth daughter and other Iraqis in Jordan of financing militant movements that seek to topple the state.

    Political blocs in the parliament are trying to link the issue of the Iraqis living in Jordan to trade relations between the two countries to pile on pressure, but the Iraqi government has refused to make that connection, sources told Okaz.

    Jordan meanwhile has “rejected any political blackmail attempt that targets the political sovereignty of Jordan,” the paper reported.

    Sources told Okaz: “It is impossible for Amman which hosts about half a million Iraqis, including those opposed to US presence in Iraq, to yield to any pressures.

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