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    Slovenia is the destination of the most popular mothers blogs

    Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries on earth to host amazing sites resembling fairy tales. If you are tired madam blogger from visiting fashion capitals you need if you are a mother to take a break and take your children to Slovenia and one of the most famous bloggers who visited the place and fell in love

    The village of Velika Planina is one of these sites. The village surrounded by green hills is a hidden treasure in the Alps (Kamnik). The magnificent landscapes are also the main reason why travel enthusiasts and bloggers want to visit the village. The plateau is characterized by a unique settlement of pastoralists and one of the best attractions to visit during this summer in Slovenia.

    There are about 200 huts on the plateau, of which 63 constitute the settlement of the shepherds. From mid-July to mid-September, shepherds bring about 380 cows and turn it into a living mountainous settlement on the Alps, giving visitors a glimpse of ancient European life. Moreover, all fresh dairy products can be tasted directly in the settlement.

    Velika Planina is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy a simple and unique life experience with our patrons in a breathtaking natural setting. The place offers many possibilities for hiking and cycling, and for those who love tranquility and serenity, they can only sit in the grass while enjoying the magnificent views created by the unique mountain architecture and the scenic Alps Kamnik Savinia as a backdrop.

    For those who want to stay in the village longer can stay in a distinctive housing that combines the simplicity of mountain engineering and the prosperity of the present era. The huts on the outside are similar to those of the shepherds, but on the inside they are equipped to meet the needs of tourists in luxury, especially for those who accompany their children as well. The cottages are equipped with electricity and water and include an equipped kitchen and bedrooms fully equipped for sleeping and rest.

    Velika Planina is the perfect destination for all families wanting to visit Europe this summer or for those currently in Europe to enjoy the warm summer there.

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