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    Russia Calls on US to Resolve Military Flight Safety Issues Through Talks

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has called on the US to resolve at the negotiating table the issue of the allowed approach distance between the military aircraft in close encounters amid the most recent incident over the Black Sea. According to the ministry, the provisions of the 1972 bilateral agreement on prevention of incidents on and over high seas should be revised and clarified through talks.
    The statement follows the comments by Joint Staff Director Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., who said to reporters earlier in the day that the US will keep conducting its surveillance flights over the Black Sea.
    Russian Ministry of Defense reminded Washington that its reconnaissance planes in the Black Sea region “would be met by Russian jets, but not by the Ukrainian partners,” stressing that the Crimea is an inherent part of Russia.
    The ministry added that another option for the Pentagon was “to issue new maps with correct Russian airspace borders to all the crews.”

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