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    For these reasons .. women embrace Islam in Cuba!

    The number of veiled Muslim women in Cuba has risen, according to a report published by the agency “Reuters”.

    The humidity in the Caribbean, the difficulty of finding halal food, or the fact that there is only one mosque in the entire country, did not deter these women from finding their faith in Islam, the report said.

    The report went on to say that the majority of women who converted to Islam were behind their faith different reasons from spiritual inspiration to religious curiosity or through their association with a Muslim partner.

    Mariam Kamigo, a 27-year-old journalist, said seven years ago that the number of women, especially young people, who converted to Islam had increased in recent years.
    The Muslim League of Cuba says there are more than 6,000 Muslims in the country, including about 1,200 women.

    Source: Russia Today

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