For a healthy diet .. Avoid these five mistakes in the summer!

    The body’s dietary needs vary each season, and in the summer it is important to ensure that dieting contains light, easily digestible foods on the stomach and dehydration drinks, while maintaining optimal energy levels.
    Also, in this diet, one must avoid 5 errors:

    1 – Drinking cold water: Drinking cold water after spending a day in the sun to shock the body, sore throat, in addition to problems in the digestive system.

    2. Excessive consumption of caffeine: Caffeine and its products cause dehydration, so drinking plenty of coffee or tea during the summer may generate headaches and dehydration.

    3. Drinking too much sugar: Most bottled juices and cold drinks contain too much sugar, which may give the drinkers temporary energy, but this leads to a drop in energy after a few days.

    Therefore, refrain from consuming cold liquid calories and replace them with fresh fruit juices.

    4 – Follow the harsh diets: Many people are feeling increasing pressure to obtain “ideal” objects during the summer, which leads to the adoption of promising dieting systems “quick results”, and questionable health. It is known that the adoption of a severe diet, leading to a slowdown in the level of metabolism, headaches, nausea and diarrhea.

    5. Avoiding eggs, fish and chicken: There is a misconception that eggs, fish and chicken are foods that generate excess heat in the body, and therefore should be avoided during the summer.

    However, this is not true. Eggs, fish and chicken, foods rich in lean protein, are an important nutrient to maintain a healthy weight during the summer.

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