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    The United States plans to open a consulate in Greenland

    The Consulate General will be operational in 2020.

    The State Department sent a letter to Congress proposing the opening of a Consulate General in Greenland. The Associated Press reported.

    According to the agency, the State Department is explaining the initiative to open the Consulate General with plans to expand the US presence in the Arctic.

    The US Consulate General was first opened in Greenland in 1940 during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, and was closed in 1953. The United States plans to open a new US Consulate General in 2020 in Nok, the island’s capital, whose territory is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. They enjoy widespread autonomy rights.

    Earlier, US President Donald Trump said the United States would be interested in buying Greenland. Danish Prime Minister Mitt Frederiksen and representatives of Greenland refused to discuss the sale of the island. Trump said on Tuesday he had postponed a planned visit to Denmark and a reception at Queen Margaret II because there were no prospects for dialogue around Greenland. This decision provoked a negative reaction among Danish politicians.

    According to the Washington Post, officials in the US presidential administration were discussing the possibility of providing the Danish government $ 600 million annually in payments to become Greenland permanent property.

    Greenland is a territory within the Kingdom of Denmark and, since 2009, has wide autonomy rights. Despite the high level of autonomy, the island’s foreign policy and security issues remain the domain of Copenhagen.

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