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    Bride vows to crawl down aisle after brain tumour diagnosis months before wedding

    A woman who was found to have a brain tumour three months before getting married “willed herself” into a speedy recovery as she said she would rather “crawl down the aisle” than allow it to hamper her special day.

    Christina Anderson, 24 and from San Diego, US, was in May preparing for her dream wedding to Brandon Jensen when the room began to spin so much she couldn’t stop vomiting and was unable to walk straight.

    She was immediately taken to hospital where she underwent a CT scan.

    Christina, a nurse, said she  knew something was up as the “doctors took a really, really long time” to give her an answer.

    They eventually went up to her, sat by her side and told her they had found a brain tumour just behind her right ear.

    The bride-to-be was told that while it was a hemangioblastoma, a non-cancerous tumour, she would still have to undergo immediate surgery to get the 2-inch lump removed or it would end up killing her.

    “At that point, I knew what it meant, but I was kind of in denial because I didn’t really understand the severity of it,” Anderson says, the New York Post reports.

    Despite her eight-hour surgery looming ahead, Christina’s only concern was how she would be able to carry out the preparations for her wedding in August while trying to recover.

    “I asked Dr. Sharma if they’d have to chop any hair off and he said yes,” Christina said.

    “That was the part that I was stuck on the most because I was like, ‘I’m getting married in August, I can’t have my hair missing.’ ”

    While patients would usually have all their heads shaved off for “infection control”, doctors made an exception for the bride and only removed a small lock of her brunette hair.

    Following her highly successful surgery on May 7 Christina immediately started physiotherapy to learn how to walk again.

    She had to use a walking aid for months but said she would “keep hiding it” from herself so she wouldn’t be tempted to use it and could be back on her own two feet in time for the big day.

    “I was going to crawl down that aisle before I had to use the walker,” Christina Anderson told Today . “It was not an option for me.”

    Christina managed to fulfill her dream and walked down the aisle – even if in Crocs – for her special day on August 10.

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