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    Two Americans admit to planning attacks in the United States

    Two US citizens face 20 years in prison after confessing to planning to make a bomb and commit attacks in the United States.

    Asia Siddiqui, 35, and Noel Filintzas, 31, both based in New York, pleaded guilty on Friday to a federal court in Brooklyn.

    The two women were charged with “disseminating information relating to the manufacture and use of an explosive device and a weapon of mass destruction with the intention of using it to commit a federal crime.

    “The defendants studied some of the most violent terrorist attacks in US history, in an attempt to impose their violent and radical ideology,” Attorney General Richard Donoyo said in a statement related to the case, adding that their plans were aimed at killing “US police and military personnel.”

    Upon arresting the two women, police found propane tanks and welding equipment, as well as booklets containing instructions on how to carry out car bomb attacks.

    Source: CNN

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