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    Ankara is commenting on media reports about its intention to deport Syrian refugees

    Ankara has denied media reports that Turkey intends to deport Syrian refugees, calling it “nonsense”.

    Fakhruddin Altun, head of the Turkish presidency’s communication department, said that in early 2017, the Turkish authorities started taking measures aimed at updating data and distributing refugees throughout the country in a balanced manner, against the background of the transfer of some Syrian refugees to other states without informing the concerned authorities.

    He added that reports of Turkey’s intention to deport Syrians outside its territory are “nonsense”, adding that 102,000 Syrian refugees have been granted citizenship and 40 billion dollars has been spent on war victims in Syria.

    As Alton denied in an article published by the Foreign Policy magazine on Friday evening about Turkey’s policy towards the Syrians who took refuge in its territory, he denied the reports of the killing of a Syrian refugee, Hisham Mustafa Al-Satif Al-Mohammad, by a Turkish sniper trying to return to Turkey illegally, after deportation.

    Alton stressed that Turkey rejects the accusation that Syrian refugees face the risk of deportation, noting that his country has adopted since 2011 the policy of open door towards Syrians displaced from their land, and opened its doors to about 3.6 million refugees.

    He added that refugees coming to Turkey benefit from free public services such as health and education, after completing the registration procedures.


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