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    US Defense Secretary: Sochi conference did not achieve anything

    US Defense Secretary James Matisse said participants at the Syrian National Dialogue Conference held in Sochi on January 29 and 30 had failed to reach any conclusions.
    “We want to return to the task of eliminating an oppressive organization, destroying its positions and achieving conditions in Syria that will enable us to participate more freely in the Geneva negotiations,” Matisse told a Pentagon news conference.
    “You see that (the participants) at the Sochi conference did not achieve anything, and I think this is the most appropriate way to describe the outcome,” he said. “They are returning (UN special envoy to Syria) Stefan de Mistura and the UN to Geneva” .
    The Sochi Conference issued three documents: the final statement, the participants’ message and the list of candidates for the Constitutional Commission.
    The participants in the Conference endorsed the list of 150 members of the Committee on the Study of Constitutional Drafting Issues, but the final composition of the Commission and its framework will be determined by de Mistura, who can include other members.

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