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    Event In Honor Of The New Consulate General of Lebanon, Mrs. Suzan Mozi.

     Khelan Alwafa hosted a big event at their regular Saturday breakfast event at the Islamic Center, in honor of the new Consulate General of Lebanon, Mrs. Suzan Mozi. Attendees included the General Consulate of Iraq Dr. Mustafa Ahmad Mustafa, Ambassador Dr Ali Ajami, Dr. Ned Fawaz Chairman of LIBC, Mr Abed Haidous Wayne County Commissioner, Chief Judge Sam Salameh, Judge Adel Harb, Majestrate Hilal Farhat, Dearborn City Council President Mrs Susan Dabaja, City of Dearborn Heights Councilmen Bill Bazzi & Dave Abdallah, Mrs Fadwa Alawieh Wayne County Asst. Prosecutor/Dearborn Schools Board of Education, and many of our Lebanese and Arabic community activists. The host for this great event and a member of Khelan Alwafa was businessman Mr. Ali Ramez Bazzi. Many speakers took the podium including Haj Ramez Bazzi, Emcee Zouhair Alawieh, Judge Sam Salameh, General Consulate of Lebanon Suzan Mozi, and Dr. Mustafa Ahmad Mustafa GC of Iraq. The event ended with a beautiful poem recital from poet Mr. Yasser Saad.


    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org

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