Modeling mania makes you to follow random diets!

    The girl sometimes falls into the trap of wanting a body that resembles that of supermodels or celebrities, but these unrealistic goals can cause health damage, from a restricted diet or random diets, and depriving herself of any snacks and drinks to lose weight quickly.

    Because food and body image are closely related, as dietitian Fawzia Jarad shows, getting a healthy picture of the body requires the help of a dietitian and psychologist, and the overall goal of treatment is to accept her body as it is, and to learn how to balance food with emotions. Using food in the right way is a source of pleasure, nutrition and self-love.


    A balanced diet

    A balanced diet is essential to overcome unwanted body image problems by incubating a variety of healthy eating foods such as vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and protein foods.
    There is also a place for sweet and savory foods such as chocolate chips and ice cream. Avoid describing foods as good or bad, or a random diet in which food groups are excluded.
    A healthy diet can be part of a healthy eating plan, especially if it includes legumes, nuts, low-fat seeds, dairy, low-fat cheeses and plant substitutes.

    Physical activity

    According to Grad, physical activity helps boost body image and relieve stress, but when a girl exercises or is out of control, she becomes unhealthy and needs psychological help from specialists if she feels guilty or depressed if she misses exercise.
    But she can get a 30-minute workout like walking, jogging, cycling or dancing most days of the week. This will help them keep their muscles and bones strong, and sports lessons are fun and social ways to enjoy the benefits of physical activity without focusing solely on the exercise itself.

    Social life

    In general, healthy social life helps to improve the image of the body, and people who surround themselves with a variety of positive, happy and well-being friends tend to be more confident and acceptable to their body and mind.
    Parents have a great influence in this, when they are positive role models by not judging the image and appearance of their daughters, stop commenting on their physical appearance, and pay attention to features that have nothing to do with their shape or physical abilities.

    Source: Fuchsia

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