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    19 countries with democracy in the world and one Arab country among the five worst countries

    The Independent newspaper published a report on the state of democracy in the world, and the countries that enjoy the greatest degree of democracy and freedom. Democracy in Iraq is listed as the product of a hybrid system, not far from regimes that support the principle of subjugation and rights.
    The study, published by the British newspaper, relied on a number of indicators that assess the democratic situation in the country and the extent of its practice.
    The report concluded that about one-third of the world’s population was not democratic, and included 89 countries that scored less than last year.
    Norway topped the list for the seventh consecutive year, followed by Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland and Finland.
    According to the study, North Korea, Syria, Chad, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are among the least democratic.
    The United States remained in the so-called “flawed democracy” after losing public confidence in the government’s performance.
    Spain’s approach to the classification of a “flawed democracy” was also seen after the government refused to hold a referendum on independence for Catalonia.
    For the seventh consecutive year, Norway remains the most democratic country in the world, while Western Europe accounts for 14 out of 19 total democracy, according to The Independent.
    However, the assessment of the region fell slightly to 8.38 from 10. The Spanish government’s attempt to prevent the independence referendum in Catalonia in October 2017 led Spain to drop 0.22 points, making it only 0.08 points from the rating “Flawed democracy”.
    Gambia was the most impressive country in 2017. The country received its first democratic government after 22 years of dictator Yahya Jameh.
    The Gambia’s score improved by 2.91 points, from the “authoritarian system” to “hybrid” and up to 30.
    Indonesia’s biggest drop came from the 48th position to the 68th place, while Venezuela fell to the category of “authoritarian system” this year.
    “Flawed democracy”
    The United States remained in the category of “flawed democracy”, which fell in 2016 after a series of declines in public confidence, according to the Economist.
    In general, the sad truth about the year is that democratic rules are in decline, according to the data. Things that have been negatively affected include low confidence in institutions, erosion of public freedoms and suppression of freedom of expression.
    “In many countries, the state has played a major role in curbing media freedom and freedom of expression,” the report said.
    “Governments, in both democratic and authoritarian countries, use defamation laws, anti-terrorism laws, laws of contempt for religions, hate speech laws to curb freedom of expression and impede media freedom.”
    The ten most democratic countries in the world are:
    1. Norway
    2. Iceland
    3. Sweden
    4. New Zealand
    5. Denmark
    6. Canada
    7. Ireland
    8. Australia
    9. Switzerland
    10. Finland
    Among the most authoritarian countries in the world are countries such as North Korea, Syria, Chad, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    However, the authors of the report found grounds for hope. “If the year 2016 was marked by a populist rise against mainstream political parties and key politicians in advanced democracies in Europe and North America, 2017 would be the reverse reaction against populism,” they said.

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