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    After being prevented from studying Harvard .. America backs down and receives Ismail coming from Beirut!

    US authorities reversed their decision and allowed 17-year-old Palestinian student Ismail Ajawi, who lives in Tire, to enter the United States to attend the start of the semester after being barred from entering the country after being questioned about his friends’ comments on social media.
    Ajaoui arrived in Boston on Saturday afternoon and was granted access to the country, according to the nonprofit organization “Mideast” in a statement, now in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in time for the start of autumn at Harvard University on September 3.
    “The last 10 days have been difficult and worrying, but we are very grateful for the thousands of letters of support,” the student’s family said in a statement.
    The student’s family added that Ismail’s dream of entering Harvard (where some 23,000 students are studying, according to a census published in 2017) will come true after all, while Theodore Kattouf, president of AMIDEAST, said Ismail is a great young man. Overcoming the challenges that young Palestine refugees continue to face in order to obtain a scholarship.
    It is noteworthy that the detention of Ajazi and prevent him from entering the university prompted 7 students of the Arab League to sign a petition calling on the authorities to reverse its decision. The petition contained 7,000 signatures.
    Ajawi, who came to Harvard on a scholarship, was deported last week, about eight hours after arriving at Logan International Airport, after being questioned by immigration officials for hours, as well as searching his phone and computer.
    Ajawi said that after five hours of interrogation, an immigration department official invited me to a room.There she started screaming at me.He said she found people spreading political views opposing the United States on the list of friends.The visa was canceled, and he was told he would be deported.

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