With the approach of school back .. 5 tips for the mother are indispensable!

    As the new school world approaches, the family is in a state of emergency to motivate children as well as adolescents to enthusiastically enter a new school life or move into a new classroom.

    According to the Web site, it is important to talk to children and adolescents about school year plans, expectations and solutions to their concerns by following five tips:

    Domestic talk
    Have a conversation at home about the next school year, and write down a list of things the child needs in the new school year. It is important that parents and children participate in making decisions about what needs to be done and when.

    Check books
    The textbooks needed by the child should be examined when obtained, prior to the start of school hours. Upon receipt of the books, it is important to browse with the child and give them a summary of what they will study this year, but in an interesting and encouraging way.
    It should also be remembered that a tidy and comfortable place should be set up to place educational materials.

    Prepare a schedule
    A schedule should be prepared for the first month, including educational and vacation days, and agreement with the child in advance on sleeping hours. But when you talk about it with teenagers,

    It may be sensitive, however, and we must agree on the need to change the system of hours used during the holiday, in order to return to sleep relatively early, and to be alert during the day.

    List of foods
    If the school does not provide a meal for children, a list of the child’s preferences should be made.

    Specific diagnosis
    Consider whether you should inform the school about a specific illness or change if you are previously ill.

    Source: Sky News

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