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    British Museum returns 156 cuneiform tablets to Iraq

    A group of 156 cuneiform tablets probably looted during the US invasion of Iraq have been handed over to Iraq, the British Museum said on Friday.


    The plates, dating from 2100 to 1800 BC, were confiscated by British customs from a shipping company at Heathrow in 2011, the museum said in a statement.

    Most of these pieces are documents of an economic nature. But it also includes letters and legislative and school texts, as well as a mathematics document.

    The source of many of these pieces is a historical site called Irisgreg.

    The panels were handed over to Iraqi Ambassador to London Saleh al-Tamimi, to be sent to the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad.

    The Iraqi ambassador said in a statement that protecting the Iraqi heritage is the responsibility of the international community, expressing the hope that this path will continue for future generations.

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