Try this natural moisturizer for your skin

    Moisturizing is the basis of the success of makeup on the skin, without moisturizing the skin looks pale makeup, so it is necessary to be careful to moisturize the skin in a practical and periodic. Some girls may find it difficult to get moist skin, but cosmetic expert Mennatullah Othman offers a natural moisturizer suitable for all skin types: oily, mixed or dry.

    Mennatullah says that olive oil is one of the most important natural nutrients for all skin types and helps to moisturize deeply because it seeps into the inner layers of the skin, thanks to the contains many vitamins that make the skin more beautiful and beautiful. Osman adds that the method of preparing the moisturizing mask for the skin is by mixing an egg yolk in half a cup of olive oil and stirring until fully integrated, then the mask is applied to the skin for 20 minutes to soak and rinse with water

    She advised the beautician to repeat the mask three times a week for satisfactory results and moisturized skin while maintaining regular water intake at a rate of two liters per day. Mennatullah Osman adds that olive oil has many benefits, including fighting aging, working to lengthen and nourish lashes, and it removes dead skin residue from the surface of the skin.

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