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    “Mysterious explosion” in the sky of New York raises concerns about its source


    A mysterious explosion in New York’s skies earlier this week is likely due to a meteorite falling from space, experts said on Wednesday.

    A Waterloo follower described the event as a “bright and fast line” that crosses the atmosphere, and “rainbow-colored radiation”.

    “They’ve received a lot of emails from people about the explosion,” Mike Hankey, director of operations at the American Meteor Society, told CNN.

    He added that there is usually a delay between sound and visual reports, because the sound travels slower than light.

    Most calculations from the New York Event indicate that the light and noise wave lasted from 1.5 to 3.5 seconds. To date, there have been no reports of any damage caused by fireball.

    Several thousand meteors collide with the Earth’s atmosphere every day, but the vast majority occur over the oceans and unpopulated areas, and many of the daylight hides.

    In general, a meteor is classified as a “fireball” if it is brighter than magnitude-4, which is roughly the size of Venus in the morning or evening sky.

    Source: Mirror

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