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    The name “Mohammed” enters the list of the most popular names in France

    After Mohammed was topped the list of the most popular names for male babies in Britain in 2019, he is entering for the first time ever the most popular names list in France.

    According to the French National Center for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the name “ Mohammed ” was launched in 2018 to 2460 newborns, which made him enter the list of the 20 most common names in France, to come directly between the names “ Tom ” and ‘Aaron’ Trending.

    The institute said that the name given to male births in France doubled between 1998 and 2018, which the French site “LCI” said it is not surprising, especially considering that this name has remained for the last 50 years one of the most common names in France.

    The site quotes sociologist and author of the book “Sociology of Names” Baptiste Colmon as saying that the Arabic version of the name Mohammed is now preferred among Muslims, pointing out that many Turks no longer call the Turkish formula “protected” on their children, and there is a reluctance among Africans for The name is “Mamdou”, and they choose Mohammed instead.

    This is not surprising, as it is a habit of Muslim families to name Muhammad the first male to be born, the newspaper Le Parisien quoted Stephane Rabobour as saying, noting that the name is actually the most widespread name in the world.

    Source: aljazeera


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