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    YouTube Kids app is STILL showing disturbing videos, including footage on how to sharpen knives and children’s cartoon Paw Patrol on a burning plane

    Google-owned YouTube has apologised again after more disturbing videos surfaced on its YouTube Kids app.
    Investigators found several unsuitable videos including one of a burning aeroplane from the cartoon Paw Patrol and footage explaining how to sharpen a knife.
    YouTube has been criticised for using algorithms to sieve through material rather than using human moderators to judge what might be appropriate.
    There have been hundreds of disturbing videos found on YouTube Kids in recent months that are easily accessed by children. 
    These videos have featured horrible things happening to various characters, including ones from the Disney movie Frozen, the Minions franchise, Doc McStuffins and Thomas the Tank Engine.
    Parents, regulators, advertisers and law enforcement have become increasingly concerned about the open nature of the service.  
    A YouTube spokesperson has admitted the company needs to ‘do more’ to tackle inappropriate videos on their kids platform.
    This investigation is the latest to expose inappropriate content on the video-sharing site which has been subject to a slew of controversies since its creation in 2005. 
    As part of an in-depth investigation by BBC Newsround, Google’s Public Policy Manager Katie O’Donovan met five children who told her about the distressing videos they had seen on the site. 
    They included videos showing clowns covered in blood and messages warning them there was someone at the door.
    Ms O’Donovan said she was ‘very, very sorry for any hurt or discomfort’.   
    ‘We’ve actually built a whole new platform for kids, called YouTube Kids, where we take the best content, stuff that children are most interested in and put it on there in a packaged up place just for kids,’ she said.
    It normally takes five days for supposedly child-friendly content like cartoons to get from YouTube to YouTube Kids.
    Within that window it is hoped users and a specially-trained team will flag disturbing content.
    Once it has been flagged and reviewed, it won’t appear on the YouTube Kids app and only people who are signed in and older than 18 years old will be able to view it.
    The company say thousands of people will be working around the clock to flag content.