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    Lebanon | Israeli Occupation Entity Starts the Construction of the Separation Wall on the Borders of Lebanon

    Israeli occupation entity began building a concrete wall on the borders of Lebanon, warning that it would prevent its establishment inside its territory, amid fears of a military confrontation in the case of violation of Lebanon’s land and sea borders.

    The occupation began the construction of the wall in the western sector of the border, specifically near Ras Naqoura area.

    He added that it would extend from the town of Hanita in the central sector of the border towards the Mediterranean in the first phase, and in the second phase between the towns of Misgav year and Almtala.

    The Israeli entity justifies the construction of the concrete wall as to prevent Hezbollah from occupying Israeli border towns or capturing soldiers in the event of a new confrontation between the parties.

    The Israeli army talks that the wall will protect these towns from any anti-armor missiles that may target homes near the border line ,and prevent Hezbollah from monitoring military and civilian movements there.

    Israeli media said that the concrete wall will be built within the boundaries of the Israeli occupation entity according to the borders that were demarcated following the withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000.

    There are 55 Israeli border towns with 156,000 Israelis, 18 of which are located directly along the Barrier.

    Lebanon wants the waterfront line to be 90 degrees straight from Ras al-Naqoura point towards the economic waters with Cyprus, while Israel sees the line to be north of it at an angle of twenty, keeping under Israeli control about a thousand square kilometers disputed.

    There are concerns in the occupying entity that the conflict on the water frontier would push Hezbollah to target Israeli gas platforms in the Mediterranean if any new confrontation took place, especially after Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah vowed in one of his speeches that he would target the Israeli oil facilities in case those in Lebanon were attacked.

    For his part, UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti said that Israel has begun to carry out works south of the Blue Line separating Lebanon and Israel.

    He added that the UN forces are following up on what is happening and communicating with all parties to resolve this issue and prevent any tension.

    Two days ago, a regular meeting of Lebanese and Israeli officers took place at a UNIFIL post at the border amidst the tension raised by the concrete wall.

    Lebanese media quoted a Lebanese security source as saying that the construction of the separation wall is taking place far from the disputed points between Lebanon and Israel along the Blue Line.

    The Supreme Council of Defense in Lebanon announced on Wednesday that it gave its directives to prevent the occupation from the construction of the separation wall inside Lebanese territory.

    It announced after the meeting with the presidency of President Michel Aoun that the wall constitutes an attack on Lebanese territory and would constitute a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

    – Israeli bulldozers dig into the ground
    – Israeli trucks and workers near the border wall
    – An Israeli military patrol on the border

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