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    CREATURE OF THE DEEP Mystery sea beast with NO EYES baffles locals when it washes up on beach

    Sherry Simmons, 47, was walking her French Bulldog Tank down Mulambin Beach in Queensland when she came upon the rather horrid sight.
    At first she thought it was a large piece of petrified wood but on closer inspection realised it was once alive.
    “As I got closer I realised it was some sort of creature,” Sherry said. “I poked it with a stick and it was soft to the touch.
    “There is a small fin but the weird part is that there were no eyes anywhere. It looked really heavy.
    “I was a little scared as it was not identifiable. If I had not had my puppy with me I would have investigated further.”
    Mrs Simmons, from nearby Yeppoon, thought maybe it was a dugong – a marine mammal weighing around 300kg – and contacted the local Sea World park.
    Staff said it could indeed be a dugong, but scientists at Queensland’s environment department disagree.
    They say it could potentially be a shark liver but were unable to recover the carcass and so could not say for sure.
    “The deceased animal in the photo appears to be a marine mammal,” the researchers said.
    “But due to decomposition and limited information available, it is difficult to determine what species.
    “The stranding has not been reported to us and our officers searched the beach and found no sign of the carcass, which may have been washed away with the tide.”