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    Incredible moment underwater swimmer ROLLS a 700lb tiger shark

    This is the amazing moment an underwater swimmer helps a 700lb tiger shark roll in the sea – while many more of the usually-terrifying creatures surround them.
    The incredible footage published on SDM diving’s Instagram page shows the animal stalking towards the swimmer.
    As the creature swims closer, the diver uses a box to guide the shark away from the sea floor.
    This encourages the shark to float higher up and the swimmer uses this to his advantage as it makes it easier for the daring diver to grab hold of the sharks jaws.
    With both hands on the sharks mouth, the swimmer bravely begins to coax the animal to roll its body around.
    Miraculously, the creature follows the encouragement and completes the turn, while continually opening and closing its mouth, before swimming away from the diver.


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