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    Some Cool New Features in the Galaxy S8 Oreo Update

    Samsung has finally started rolling out the Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. While US customers will still have to wait for the rollout to begin, we can prepare ourselves for the new features coming. Like previous updates, Samsung has improved upon its software by including a new look and new features.
    With Samsung Experience 9.0, the theme seems to be helping users get the information they want faster. Many of the menus have been tweaked for improved navigation. In addition, Samsung included extra customization options for the lock screen and home screen launcher. And if that doesn’t excite you, Android Oreo update includes features such as Picture-in-Picture Mode and Autofill API that make using an Android device even easier.
    Samsung Keyboard Gets Big Improvements
    The Samsung keyboard gets some big improvements in Oreo. From a usability perspective, the keyboard has obtained four distinct high contrast modes and resizing options. The high contrast modes allow the user to recognize different parts of the keyboard more easily. Resizing makes it easier for you to type comfortably and swipe to type becomes easier and more accurate.
    For social media and messaging lovers, the new version also brings native GIF support, Emoji 5.0, and an easily accessible clipboard from within the keyboard.
    Notification Channels & Pin/Snooze Functionality
    With the announcement of Android Oreo, Google detailed a new method for taking granular control of your notifications. Complex messaging and social media apps often have different types of notifications they push to you on a daily basis, and now you can change settings for each of them.
    New Edge Lighting Effects
    Edge lighting is a pretty simple thing, but it looks awesome in practice. With Oreo, new edge lighting options come to the S8 and S8+, including a sweet multi-color effect. You also have the option to tweak the width and transparency of your edge lighting effect to see how dramatic and obvious the notifications are.
    App Shortcuts
    Android Oreo brings support for long-press shortcuts for apps on the home screen. This feature allows up to 5 contextual shortcuts within each app, accessible by long-pressing on the app icon. Apps will need to be updated to add support for this new feature, but many already have.
    For YouTube, users can jump straight to their Subscriptions page or check out what’s trending. In popular social media apps, such as Twitter clients, you can launch directly into composing a new tweet, direct message, or search.