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    Replica grenade found in checked bag at Detroit Metro Airport

    The Transportation and Security Administration is reminding people you can’t bring a grenade, even a replica one, in your luggage on a plane.

    In the TSA’s weekly review from Sept. 23 through Oct. 6, they mention how an empty replica grenade was found in a checked bag on Oct. 1 at DTW. It was one of two replica grenades found during that week. The other was at San Antonio on Sept. 26.

    Two passengers thought, ‘A grenade in my bag? Meh, no big deal!’ They now both face civil penalties. These empty replica grenades aren’t allowed in carry-on or checked bags. Just leave them at home or it might be a bigger deal than you think!” the post read.

    According to the TSA, they found 206 firearms in carry-on bags, and of those, 176 were loaded and 60 had a round chambered.


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