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    Girl fatally struck by vehicle while crossing Telegraph Road in Dearborn Heights

    A girl was fatally struck by a vehicle Saturday night while crossing Telegraph Road in Dearborn Heights.

    Police said the girl was crossing the road with her brother near Ford Road when she was hit and thrown 50 feet from the impact. Police have not released the age of the girl.

    Witness Adam Elarmri said he saw the girl and boy walking before he heard the crash.

    “I thought as the impact happened, it was a car. When I saw them walk right past me, I didn’t think it would be her,” he said. “I was hoping as I walked up to it, it would be just a car. And that’s when I saw her brother running and screaming.”

    Witnesses said a doctor who was in a nearby business tried to help the girl, but was unable to revive her.


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