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    Tom Steyer’s Panel of Mental Health Experts Say Trump Is a Threat

    It’s the opinion of mental health experts impaneled by left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer that President Donald Trump’s mental fitness is a potential threat to the country.
    That was the consensus Monday night at a panel held at the National Press Club and hosted by Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” campaign.
    Steyer’s agenda is clear: Gather enough ammo to impeach Trump, an endeavor he forges on with despite no support from most congressional Democrats, save for Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland, who made opening remarks during Monday night’s gathering.  
    Bucking the Goldwater Rule, the decades-old convention that the medical community not give opinions from afar and without an exam, Steyer’s appointed group of five shrinks expressed their concerns, despite the president’s clean bill of health from a military doctor just weeks ago.  
    “When you see the rise of an autocrat, silence is a sin, Goldwater be damned,” psychologist John Gartner said during the discussion titled, “Presidential Mental Health & Nuclear Weapons: What Standards Should We Have?”
    “That brings us to the great irony of the situation that the entire military chain of command … are all held to the highest degree of emotional and psychological stability except one man, the president of the United States, the very person who has his finger on a nuclear button,” former Air Force physician and psychiatrist Steven Buser said.