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    Warning of a volcano that threatens the lives of 100 million people

    A submerged volcano off the coast of Japan that last erupted 7,300 years ago looks set to blow again. Scientists have discovered there is a giant dome of lava in the Kikai volcano’s collapsed magma chamber and it’s believed the dome is growing. 
    At the moment, the dome is about 10km wide and 600m tall. Scientists reckon there could be a huge eruption without any warning and it could kill as many as 100 million people and trigger a “volcanic winter” according to The Daily Mail.
    The scientists who conducted the research believe the last eruption wiped out the prehistoric Jomon civilisation in southern Japan. If the volcano were to erupt again, it could potentially eject huge amounts of debris and even block out the sun! 
    Not only that, it could potentially cause a tsunami that could strike southern Japan and the coasts of Taiwan and China, before moving on to North and South America.
    Professor Yoshiyuki Tatsumi, head of the Kobe Ocean-Bottom Exploration Center (KOBEC) at Kobe University told The Mainichi Newspape.
    “Although the probability of a gigantic caldera eruption hitting the Japanese archipelago is 1 percent in the next 100 years, it is estimated that the death toll could rise to approximately 100 million in the worst case scenario.”

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