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    Merkel is not ready to open a new page with Turkey

    Merkel met with Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim in Berlin for talks expected to mark the beginning of improvement between the two countries after a year and a half of tension.
    But she told her interlocutors that the time to fold the page was not yet over.
    She told the press after the meeting that the visit to Berlin was “an indication of the interest of both parties in improving Turkish-German relations and perhaps based on common values, but this is not easy at the moment.”
    The main obstacle to the dispute is the arrest of more than a year in Turkey by the German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yogel, whom Ankara accuses of supporting “terrorism” but without charge.
    “We know that our bilateral relations have gone through a difficult phase, and that is still partially going on,” she said.
    “Today, for the thousandth time, I stressed the urgent nature of this issue,” which “distorts our relations and continues to do so,” she said.
    For his part, the Turkish Prime Minister addressed the issue of Yogel correspondent of the newspaper “Die Welt” daily in Istanbul.
    “I hope he will start his trial soon and come to a conclusion,” he said.
    Merkel also said that “no action should be taken” on a possible improvement of the customs union between Turkey and the European Union as Ankara wants.
    “From our point of view, the expansion of the customs union can only be envisaged if we are convinced” of the improvement of the state of law in Turkey.

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