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    KILLER UNCLE Chilling moment ‘psycho’ uncle drives off with kidnap victims in the boot before he raped and murdered his niece

    A man was called “pure evil” after he was handed a life sentence for the murder of his niece and the attempted murder of another woman.
    Mujahid Arshid, who was also convicted of raping the two women, must serve a minimum term of 40 years.
    The 33-year-old builder tasered and kidnapped Celine Dookhran, 20, and the other young woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on 19 July last year, London’s Old Bailey heard. 
    The pair were bound, gagged and wrapped in dust sheets before  Arshid took them to a £1.5million six-bedroom house in south west London, which he had been working on.
    Arshid then raped both women before slitting Miss Dookhran’s throat and dumping her body in a chest-high deep freezer he had installed two days earlier.
    He then slashed the other woman’s neck but she survived and managed to escape after convincing Arshid they could run away together, the court heard.  
    Miss Dookhran’s family shouted “yes” as the verdicts were given. 
    Arshid however, shouted: “Your honour what’s this?”
    He then told Miss Dookhran’s family to “shut up” while gesturing with his hands. 
    He then tried to blame his other victim, claiming it was she who killed Miss Dookhran.
    “She is lying to all of you,” he said. “Before I die I will prove that bitch wrong.”
    Arshid was also found guilty of one count of sexual assault and one count of sexual assault by penetration, dating back to between November 2008 and November 2010, and involving the second woman.
    In a victim statement read to the court, Miss Dookhran’s mother, Iman Nadeem said her daughter had fallen victim to “pure evil”.
    “Celine was our beautiful, caring, fun and intelligent daughter, and I wish to pay this tribute,” she said. “However no emotions shown or words spoken will ever be able to describe fully the devastation and heartache I felt on the day she was so cruelly taken away from all those who loved and cared for her.
    “The disgusting and senseless actions of Mujahid Arshid deprived Celine of a future, a great future, where she could go on to further her ambitions, get married, and perhaps have a family of her own. She will always be in the darkness that surrounds us. I feel that my world has collapsed.
    “Celine’s death has left our family feeling cheated and robbed. My heart is heavy. However, I will not let it be broken by the cowardly actions of an evil monster. She was the heart and soul of our family. No mother or family should ever have to bury their daughter.”