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    This is what a Chinese astrologer predicted for Tramp in 2018

    A Chinese astrologer said New Year’s signs began on Friday, the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year.
    The report notes that Chinese astrologer Louise Wong predicted that 2018 would not be a good year for US President Donald Trump. It is not enough that the president was born in 1946, the Year of the Dog in the Chinese lunar calendar, the same year that George W. Bush And Bill Clinton.
    “For the next year, Donald Trump will remain at the center of the debate within the White House, and among the different countries,” the paper quoted Wong, the astrologer and practitioner of the Feng Shui method, as saying that 2018 would see turbulent political conflicts.
    “His White House colleagues will resign and there will be no harmony in his office, but I think he will remain in office for the next two to three years,” Wong said.
    The report notes that Singaporean scientist Clarice Chan confirmed the predictions made by Wong, and said that Trump ‘s’ tramp’ stems from the conflict within his astronomical calendar, in addition to his birth in the year of the dog, it falls within the ‘fiery dog’ The personality of the animal determines the general birth.
    “Fire dogs are usually ambitious, and enjoy energy,” Chan says. “They can be good leaders but they may be stubborn and resistant to change.”
    According to the report, Wong said that Trump shows the character of the fire dog, he is nervous, and chattering, and not in harmony with others, noting that Trump will face a difficult year and a major political crisis in 2018, adding that “the opposition party will face him this year .. He is flexible and relaxed. He is likely to remain in the presidency, but if he takes a confrontational stance he will face problems. ‘
    “There will be an anti-tramp movement” during the lunar year 2018, according to Hong Kong expert Raymond Loe, who claims to have won Barack Obama’s second victory in 2012.
    Newsweek concludes its report by saying that Trump’s enemies will grow stronger over the next 12 months, ‘and many Republicans will come back.’

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