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    Boris-o’-lantern: British kids list prime minister among top Halloween costume choices

    Boris Johnson may be struggling to curry favor with parliament, but at least he’s popular among trick-or-treaters. A survey has found that Britons view the embattled prime minister as a top Halloween costume choice.
    According to a survey of 2,000 British parents and children, Johnson – whose deadline to leave the EU coincidentally lands on October 31 – is the 10th most popular costume choice for those gearing up for a night of ghoulish candy-collecting.

    Conducted by Beano Studios, the poll found that the most popular costume choice was Pennywise, the terrifying clown from ‘IT 2.’ Hulk, the Joker, Spider-Man and the Minecraft Creeper are among the other costume ideas that edged out BoJo.

    Respondents said that Johnson and US President Donald Trump were among the “scariest” celebrities of the 21st century.

    But even those who won’t be donning Johnson’s iconic blonde mop for Halloween may still make reference to Brexit with their costume. The survey revealed that more than half of British families plan to incorporate Brexit into their Halloween festivities this year.

    “With Brexit on everyone’s lips, it’s unsurprising that we’ll be seeing a horde of mini Borises taking over the streets of the UK this Halloween, with a Jeremy Corbyn or two,” Mike Stirling, editorial director of Beano Studios, said.


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