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    The One Week Memorial Services Of The Late Sayed Imad Kamel Srour In Dearborn

    The one week memorial services of the late Sayed Imad Kamel Srour was held at the Islamic Center in Dearborn. Master of ceremony was Dr. badeeh Jawad which initiated the services with verses of the holy quraan followed by majlis recited by sheikh Ibrahim Yaseen. Afterwards a word of condolences From Haj kamel Bazzi, Ms. gorge khouri, Mr. Abdo mortada, and Maysa srour makki the daughter of the late. The services were concluded with a speech by sheikh Ahmad Hammoud inspired by the occasion. Then a word of thanks from Ms. Jawad srour brother of the late at the and banquet which was held in the center hall on behalf of the late’s soul. 


    Naim bazzi / Dearborn.org