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    The 40th Commemoration, Arbaeen, For Sayed Mahdi Al-Hakim In Dearborn

    The Islamic Center of America in Dearborn held the 40th commemoration, Arbaeen, for Sayed Mahdi Al-Hakim . Doctor Noureddine Saab emceed This event .The commemoration started by reciting versus from the holy book , the Quran , and it was followed by Majles Azaa by Sheikh Kassem Baydoun. Then, Mr Ahmad jaber recited a poem written by Haj Abdulnabi Bazzi. Haj Mohamad Farhat delivered a personal poem about the late Sayed Mahdi. Then Sheikh Ahmad Hammoud delivered his remark addressing the audience. Finally, a word of thanks on behalf of the family delivered by Doctor Al- Sayed Hussein Al-Hakim.


    Naim bazzi / Dearborn.org

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