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    Video: Luxury Bentley smashes into pensioner’s car head on as driver speeds through quiet village at ’85mph’

    A luxury Bentley smashed into a pensioner’s car head on as the driver sped through a quiet village at ’85mph’.
    Dramatic footage shows the Bentley Continental GT crashing into another vehicle with alarming force.
    The Ford 4X4 spins 360 degrees into a wall, in a little road in Old Amersham in the Chiltern Hills, supposed to be a 20mph zone, according to reports.
    Tim Edwards, 74, who was driving the Ford car, miraculously escaped the crash without a scratch.
    The Bentley driver, 46-year-old Richard Plum, fled on foot but was traced by the blood on his airbag.
    Mr Edwards said Plum, of Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, was more seriously injured.
    Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Edwards said: “I pulled out when the road looked clear and all of a sudden, this Bentley came out of nowhere.
    “I remember thinking ‘he’s driving fast’ and a couple of seconds later he crashed into me.
    “There was no time to be frightened or anything like that, it was over in a flash.”
    Plum pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and failing to stop after a road accident and was jailed for 14 months with a driving ban of four years and seven months.
    He admitted both charges at Wycombe Magistrates Court on October 16 and was sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court in January.