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    Semi annual fundraising Dinner for the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn

    November 1st 2019. Greenfield Manor DEARBORN. Over 600 Community Members Celebrated IHW Unity Dinner! The recipients of this dinner included: Fay Beydoun for guiding the business community toward success! Wassim Mahfouz for outstanding services to seniors, youth,children and families. Rev. Colleen Kamke Neiman for distinguished interfaith services. The keynote speaker of the ceremony was the founding imam of Islamic House of Wisdom who spoke about the mission of the mosque! Imam reflected on 24 years of IHW services to the community and summarized the mission of the mosque in 6 words: Faith, education, promotion of love and justice, outreach and action! Imam Elahi stated that the Muslim community is part of American identity today, we are involved in educational, medical, political, legal and busness services all over the country. He spoke about Tuesday election in Michigan and encouraged the community to take the rule of law through voting and participating in the nation political destination seriously! MC Sayyed Khalil Hachem, Chairman Dr Firas Hamadeh and the Chair of Youth of Wisdom Mahdi Elahi covered the services of IHW. The services include: Arabic blesses for both kids and adults, classes in Quranic studies, the program of al-Hikma seminary providing classes in logic, history, belief system, jurisprudence, ISLAMIC moral system lead by Dr Daneshgar! Mahdi Elahi also spoke about IHW Marrage foundation and family services. IHW free body washing services during the funeral process and proving free grave site to poor families in Plymouth cemetery! Friday prayer with powerful updated sermons, Doua Komail, providing services on religious occasions, interfaith and outreach, providing food to the needy every Friday for the last 5 years and helping the poor and the orphans based on humble resources are other aspects of IHW serves. The unity and family atmosphere of the dinner was welcomed by the guests from the Shia, Sunni ,Muslim and Christian guests and participants!

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