‘Eye of truth will not go blind’ Twitter flashmob in solidarity with Palestinian journo who lost eye to Israeli bullet

    Hundreds of pictures showing people covering one eye have emerged on social media in solidarity with journalist Moath Amarneh who was hit by an Israeli rubber bullet despite wearing a ‘Press’ vest.

    Moath Amarneh was covering a Palestinian protest against the latest confiscation of land for the construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied territory on Friday near the town of Surif in Hebron when he was hit in the face.

    He was rushed to a hospital, but doctors could not save his eye.The incident has been condemned by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), a global advocacy group aiming to safeguard media freedom.

    Amid speculations that media might have been targeted on purpose, Israel has so far not reacted to the incident.But many people across the Middle East and beyond did, sharing photos on social networks showing them covering one of their eyes with a hand or a piece of cloth.

    Soujod Elattar@ElattarSoujod

    who documented many news with his camera.
    But after Friday 16/11 he will not be able to continue his work in journalism.
    During his coverage of Israeli attack in Hebron, he was shot by Israeli soldiers which resulted the loss of his left eye.

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    Ahmet Ay@ahmetay_

    İsrail askerlerinin kurşunları ile kör olan Filistinli Gazeteci Muaz Amrana için fotoğraflı destek kampanyasına sizin de katkılarınızı bekliyoruz.

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    The campaign was launched by Palestinian journalists, who also held rallies in his support on Saturday. Yet, it was soon joined by people from other parts of the world.

    Nasser Shiyoukhi@NasserShiyoukhi

    Palestinian journalists launch a campaign in solidarity with photojournalist who lost his left eye because of an Israeli bullet while covering protests in Hebron on 15 November. cc: @CPJMENA @IFJGlobal @RSF_inter

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    Issa Amro عيسى عمرو 🇵🇸@Issaamro

    Friends all over the world covered their eye in solidarity with the Palestinian journalist who lost his eye during his work to cover a protest in Hebron, he was shot by a 5mm roger gun ammunition. Which means he was shot by a sniper.

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    Some people just offered their condolences to the injured journalist by saying that they feel his pain. They expressed their solidarity with him by saying: ‘We are all Moath Amarneh.’

    Radhouene Aouni 🇹🇳@AouniRadhouene

    We are all https://twitter.com/swilkinsonbc/status/1196070685749239808 

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    Sarah Wilkinson@swilkinsonbc

    Today, I stand in solidarity with Palestinian journalist Muath Amarneh who lost his eye to an israeli bullet: history will judge you #MuathEye

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    Others sought to draw attention to Israeli violations against Palestinians and journalists in particular. Many posts read: “You cannot close the eye of truth” or “The eye of truth cannot go blind.”

    Mohammed Kareem 🇵🇸


    This targeting of Moath is one ring in a long chain of israeli violations against the Palestinian journalists. It’s a deliberate policy that the occupation use to prevent the Palestinians from delivering the truth to the world.

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    Fox News Middle East Senior Field Producer Yonat friling was among those, who joined the flashmob.

    Yonat Friling


    is a Palestinian journalist who covered the West Bank. On Friday, he was shot and lost his left eye while covering riots in near Hebron. NO Journalist should be harmed while doing their job. Journalists and politicians have joined the campaign https://twitter.com/DrHananAshrawi/status/1196043631704059905 

    Hanan Ashrawi


    يبقى #معاذ_عمارنة شاهداً على جرائم الإحتلال ونظل جميعاً #عين_معاذ. #MuathEye .

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