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    Ex-husband took the daughter of the Russians from Austria to Lebanon, a country with «strong medicine»

    Russian Agency RIA Novosti writes that the girl from Russia who was allegedly abducted in Vienna at the end of last year, there were in Lebanon, where it was taken by her father.
    Three year old girl was taken December 28 of the Vienna hotel Bianca. Austrian police this incident was not involved, claiming that we are talking about a civil case. However, Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the abduction.
    The girl’s father Majdi al-Ali Salah, claims to have taken the girl as her for medical reasons need to live in a warm climate, and his ex-wife about his plans known. According to his version, he said his former wife of 28 December, traveling with a child in Lebanon, and the next day told her that they are already in Lebanon.
    «Lebanon boasts a strong medicine, education and the banking system, says fat. – It occurs in good doctors»


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