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    Pentagon Won’t Confirm Russia’s Su-57 Stealth Jet Arrival in Syria

    Russia’s Su-57 stealth fighter, like China’s Chengdu J-20, has become a bogeyman to the United States in the competition to possess the best fifth-generation fighters in the world.
    But has the Su-57 made its debut in Syria? The Pentagon, won’t confirm it.
    “The addition of fifth-generation fighters into Syria would certainly not be in keeping with Russia’s announced force drawdown,” said Eric Pahon, Defense Department spokesman.
    “We do not consider these jets to be a threat to our operations in Syria, and will continue to deconflict operations as necessary,” Pahon said in a statement Thursday.
    “The coalition remains focused on the enduring defeat” of the Islamic State, he added. “We call on all parties, however, to remain focused on defeating ISIS, de-escalating and resolving the Syrian conflict, and protecting innocent civilians.”

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