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    Facebook Renovates It’s User Page

    Facebook is testing a major change in the News Feed  of the user’s page as it is divides it into two sections separating ads from the personal news, in an effort that may prompt some companies to increase their ads.
    The user wall on Facebook now consists of a variety of photos from friends to latest updates from family members to celebrity ads and articles or pages that the user likes to follow.
    According to a statement from the company, this experiment which takes place in 6 small countries, offers two pages for the user, the first focuses on friends and family and the second is dedicated to pages of interest to users.
    This change may lead page administrators who all from news outlets to musicians and sports teams to pay for advertising if they want to appear on the Friends and Family page.
    The experiment in Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka could last for months, said Adam Moseri, chief executive of Facebook, which is responsible for news coverage in a blog post.
    He added that the company does not currently intend to test the two pages on the global level for its users which count to two billion users, and said that Facebook does not currently intend to force the pages to “pay for the distribution of its work.”
    source elnashra.com

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