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    Ankara: Ready to improve ties with Washington

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu expressed his country’s readiness to improve relations with the United States, provided that the latter is sincere with Ankara and carries out its promises.
    “We are prepared to improve our relations (with America) provided they are honest with us,” Gawishoglu said in a speech at the opening ceremony of a cultural center and health college in Antalya, southwest Turkey. “We are prepared to agree if their promises are fulfilled. “He said.
    “States that protect terrorist organizations are equal to them, whoever fights terrorism is not a problem for us, but those who protect terrorists, whether they are people, states or communities, and support them, they are equal,” he said. With them”. “Experts from both the Turkish and US countries will meet in March to discuss the outstanding issues, followed by a meeting between US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson (with Javishoglu),” Javishoglu said. “He said. Finished