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    In These Steps Turn Any Laptop Into A Router for Distributing Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi is an integral part of the  lives of many users especially with the widespread of smartphones, laptops and other things which lead many users to rely on the various wireless routers to get internet access. But what if the user does not have a wireless router or the router stops working?
    This problem can be solved in a simple way by using a laptop and converting it to a router, through
    a series of simple steps as long as it is running Windows 10
    How to convert any laptop to a router:
    – From any laptop, first access the settings in the Windows operating system, then select “Network & Internet”.
    – From the navigation menu on the left, select “Mobile hotspot”.
    – Activate the “hotspot” button and share the connection, where the laptop will be converted to a  Wi-Fi distribution center easily.
    – The user then can change the name of the Wi-Fi network and its PIN as he wishes to make it easier for him to remember it again.
    Source Aldiar

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