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    Loose Leaf Pickup Starts Oct. 23 In Dearborn

    The city of Dearborn will begin loose leaf collection on Oct. 23 and continue through Dec. 8. Leaf collection crews will be in the neighborhood on the trash day for that neighborhood, picking up as many as possible, weather permitting, according to city officials.
    Leaves that are in the street are picked up on a neighborhood’s trash day. City crews will be collecting leaves on a trash day, and then a week later, will return to begin collecting leaves where they left off in that trash district. They will not continue the next day where they left off. They will continue the next week, on trash day.
    So crews will be in the Monday trash district on Mondays, and then move to the Tuesday district on Tuesdays, and then the Wednesday district on Wednesdays, etc. They will return the following week to continue collection on the neighborhood’s trash day.
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    The schedule will be published on www.cityofdearborn.org so that residents know where the crews will be starting on that trash day a week later. Residents may also call the Leaf Hotline at 313-943-2444.


    By: Patch.com

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