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    Disagreement over parking space results in slashed tire

    A man made good on his threat to slash another man’s car tire following an altercation over a parking space the night of Nov. 22 near the movie theater at Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn.

    The victim, a Detroit man, said that while he was looking for a parking spot near the movie theater at Fairlane mall, he asked a young man standing in front of a vacant spot to move, which he did. However, a third man arrived, and accused the man of stealing his parking spot, and threatened to damage his vehicle tires if he stayed in the contested parking spot.

    After seeing a movie, the complainant discovered that the left rear tire of his 2012 Ford Fusion was punctured and flat. Mall security personnel reviewed surveillance video, which showed the suspect exiting his vehicle and “stabbing” the tire.

    The suspect’s vehicle was brown, of undetermined make and model. The victim described the suspect as a heavy-set black male, but was unable to describe his vehicle.


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