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    US magazine: the outbreak of a major war between Iran and Israel in 2019

    The National Interest magazine predicted that a war between Iran and Israel would break out in 2019 if Tehran used its presence in Syria against Israel.
    The magazine said in a report that “the direct conflict between Iran and Israel is not only on the horizon, but is happening at the moment,” noting that Israel’s objection to an Iranian drone aircraft in the Syrian airspace and the fall of the fighter “F-16” Israeli, and Followed by Israel’s retaliatory air strikes in Syria, is part of the scenario of confrontation. “
    The magazine pointed out that the transformation of the conflict into a broad war can occur if Iran continues to support its presence in Syria after the defeat of “dashing,” referring to the threat posed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif, when he sent a letter in 18 This month, asking him not to try to test Israel’s determination, pointing out that his country will respond seriously if it realized that its interests are not safe.
    Tensions between Tehran and Tel Aviv have increased recently and may become hotter next year.

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