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    The Late Hajji Maha Charara Commemoration services (Isbouh)

     The Isbouh service of the late hajji Maha moussa Abbas charara was held at the Islamic institute of knowledge in the city of Dearborn. The service was introduced by Mr. Ahmad Alzein which began with versus of the holy quraan recited by Hussein Issa. Then the Mustafa Scouts Association gave there condolences with a bouquette of flowers introduced by the group of the leader Ali Charara son of the late. A word by sheikh Ahmad Hammoud was then said and the services concluded by a speech of lament from zeinab bazzi the granddaughter of the late and a majlis recited by Ali Hijazi and a word of thanks by hajj Ismail Baydoun. Food was served on behalf of the late’ s soul at habib’s cuisine.

    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org