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    Ankara slams US comments accusing Turkey of flouting UN resolution

    Turkey’s Foreign Ministry slammed comments by a U.S. State Department spokesman claiming that Turkey needed to “go back and read” the United Nations Security Council resolution regarding the ceasefire in Syria.
    “The statement by the U.S. is unfounded and shows that they do not understand the focus of the resolution ora re trying to distort it,” the Foreign Ministry statement said.
    The statement was issued in response to the Department Press Briefing of Heather Nauert. “I would encourage Turkey to go back and read this resolution, the unanimously agreed upon resolution,” said Nauert, referring to the UN ceasefire decision after the attacks on the suburb of Eastern Ghouta that has been ongoing for over a week escalated.
    “The focus of UN Security Council Resolution 2401 is the regime’s massacre of hundreds of civilians within a week and the cessation of attacks that have led to the destruction of civilian institutions such as hospitals and schools, as well as ensuring humanitarian access to the people trapped by the regime’s siege policy” the Foreign Ministry statement said.
    “The decision calls for a halt to the fighting and a declaration of humanitarian ceasefire for at least 30 days in order to provide urgent humanitarian assistance and medical evacuations in the wake of the worsening humanitarian situation in Syria, particularly in Eastern Ghouta,” it added.