Community Events

    The Late Ali Nemr Baydoun’s commemoration services (Isbouh)

     The community of Bint Jbiel and Lebanese and arab communities in Dearborn celebrated the Isbouh service of Ali Haj Nimer Beydoun which was held at the Islamic Center Hall on Sunday at 4:30 pm.The Ceremony was attended by Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly and City Police Chief Roland Haddad, Chief Justice Salem Salameh and some elected officials.
    The ceremony was held by the brother of the deceased, Mr.Adnan Baydoun , where he briefed the biography of the deceased since he was a child at Bint Jbiel until he emigrated with his family to United States at the age of twelve, He noted his qualities of kindness, generosity,love and how he was close to his family, and his hard work between New York & Detroit.
    Then the brother of the deceased (Sam) Beydoun gave a speech in which he expressed the feelings of the family’s grief and spoke of his unfulfilled aspirations and dreams after he was overwhelmed by the disease. He thanked the mayor and the elected officials in the city and maintained their stand with the family in the ordeal.
    The nephew of the deceased Bilal Adnan Beydoun gave a speech in which he discussed the relationship between the deceased and his nephews since they were young children, recalling beautiful stations from that relationship.
    The son of the deceased, Mohammed.Read an influential poem (in English) describing the beauty of the relationship between the deceased and his sons.
    Mr. Hassan Qazwini gave a religious sermon inspired by the occasion, and the ceremony ended with a word of thanks from the family presented by his older brother Ghassan Beydoun.

    Ismail Jomaa/Dearborn.org