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    Saudi crown prince to meet head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church on Monday for the first time

    Pope Tawadros II, the head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church will meet with Saudi Arabia’s Crown prince Mohamed Bin Salman on Monday, on the second day of the Saudi royal’s visit to Cairo, the Church announced on Saturday.
    According to the statement, the meeting will be held at the headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Church at St. Mark’s Coptic Cathedral, marking the first visit by a Saudi crown prince to the Church’s headquarters.
    In April 2016, Pope Tawadros II met King Salman at his residence during his visit to Cairo. It was the first meeting of its kind between a Saudi King, whose country hosts the holiest Islamic places of worship, and the head of Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church.
    Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman arrived in Cairo on Sunday afternoon for a three-day visit. It is his first visit to a foreign country since being appointed crown prince.
    source: ahramonline

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